• Exclusive Josep María Quintana: the priest who advised Juan Ortega not to get married
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The non-wedding of the bullfighter Juan Ortega is becoming the never-ending story. Every day new information is leaked about the reasons that led the right-hander to make the decision, just an hour before, not to walk down the aisle with his girlfriend of the last decade, cardiologist Carmen Otte, in the church of Santiago de Jerez in front of 500 guests.

In addition to the exclusive published by La Otra Crónica yesterday that named the priest who allegedly encouraged Ortega not to marry, a priest trusted by Tamara Falcó by the name of Josep María Quintana, there are some harsh messages sent between the bullfighter and his father-in-law barely a month before the date of the wedding.

The TardeAR program has revealed that there has been a lot of tension lately between the two families and has provided some Whatsapp messages that make sense of the plot: "You won't love our daughter so much when you've taken so long to ask her to marry her," the bride's father, Miguel Ángel Otte, an agricultural engineer from Madrid and Jerez by adoption who is part of the Official College of Agricultural Engineers and the Economic and Social Council of Cádiz, allegedly wrote to Ortega. To which the right-hander replied: "How? But if in the end you got what you wanted. May we marry when you wanted and how you wanted."

This argument caused anger and a certain distance between the future bride and groom, as Carmen Otte decided to take her father's side. On the other hand, he is not the only one to have had crucial ascendancy over the couple.

The priest Josep María Quintana, who was going to marry them, had a conversation with the right-hander before the wedding that would have convinced him not to appear in the Church. The details of that talk are unknown, but there are those who point out that it could be a matter of faith, since Ortega is very religious.

€100,000 wedding

What is confirmed today, despite the fact that the bullfighter has not spoken about his scare anywhere, is that he is going to bear the expenses of the wedding that did not take place. About 100,000 euros making an approximate calculation, taking into account that there were 500 people invited, at about 200 euros each, wedding dress, floral decoration and other bridal concepts apart.

Father Quintana is known in the jet circle not only for being the confessor of Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva – apparently this man mediated for them to return after the Burning Man affair. It organises pilgrimages to Medugorje, rosaries live on Instagram and counts among its faithful the aristocratic sisters Casilda and Ana Finat. He is also a follower of the Virgen de la Alegría, popular on social networks among the national posh.

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Among other information that has been leaked these days is the menu that was going to be served at the wedding, with partridge lasagna and sea bass as main courses. Although what is most striking is the video of the bride and groom dancing happily and smiling at the pre-wedding held the day before the wedding date.

What they said to each other, however, is the most important thing. Especially the reasons he gave her for canceling the wedding. Something that the crew communicated about him to the astonished attendees already seated in his pew in the Church in their best clothes.

Sources close to them do not rule out that this couple, now broken up by external pressures as seems to be demonstrated, will resume their relationship in the medium term. They lived happily together in Seville, something that apparently the father of the bride did not take well, and in the eyes of everyone they loved each other very much.

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