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The second vice-president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, deepens her rift with Podemos. The leader of Sumar has incorporated Noelia Vera, who was Secretary of State for Equality under Irene Montero and spokesperson for Podemos, into her work team.

Vera, a journalist by profession, will take over as Díaz's director of communication after Virginia Uzal, who until now held that function, becomes the new chief of staff of the second vice president and Minister of Labor for the legislature that is now opening, according to eldiario.es and confirmed by this newspaper.

At the time Podemos entered the Executive at the beginning of 2020, Noelia Vera was one of the most trusted people in the 'purple' leadership. She was, in fact, the person chosen by Irene Montero to be her 'number two' at the Ministry of Equality, where she held the position of Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence until October 2021. His replacement was Ángela Rodríguez, who has held the post until the recent departure of the entire leadership of Equality, a portfolio now managed by the PSOE.

It was in that month of 2021 when, for personal reasons, she announced her departure from the ministry and the delivery of her minutes in Congress, where she was a deputy since 2016. Now, two years after that sudden departure, Yolanda Díaz recovers one of Podemos' main assets at a time when the 'purples' have run out of ministerial portfolios.

This is not the first signing that Yolanda Díaz has made among former members of Podemos. The new Minister of Social Rights, Pablo Bustinduy, was a member of the leadership of Podemos during the first years of the party's existence. Nacho Álvarez, former Secretary of State for Social Rights, announced a few days ago that he was leaving politics after Podemos, his party, did not support Yolanda Díaz's proposal to appoint him Minister of Sumar in the new Executive that has just been launched.

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