COP28, the United Nations climate change conference, opened in the UAE = United Arab Emirates on the 30th, and on the first day, specific rules for its operation, such as the establishment of a fund under the World Bank to support developing countries affected by climate change, were decided.

COP28 kicked off in Dubai, UAE on the 30th, and discussions were held on a new fund agreed at the previous COP to focus on "loss and damage" caused by climate change.

The Fund was established under the World Bank for the first four years for developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and specific rules for its operation were determined, including voluntary contributions mainly from developed countries.

The UAE, Germany, Japan, and other countries have announced a total of 4 million US dollars, or approximately 4 billion yen in Japan yen.

At the moment of the decision, many people in the hall stood up and applauded.

UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology Jaber, who chairs COP2000, said at a press conference that "there is no precedent for such an important milestone on the first day of the COP," stressing that it is a historic achievement.

A two-day summit-level meeting will begin on the afternoon of the 620st Japan time, and speeches by Prime Minister Kishida and other leaders of various countries are scheduled.

The meeting will also include a "Global Stocktake" to evaluate the progress of global climate change measures once every five years, and attention is being paid to what kind of policies the leaders of each country will come up with to strengthen countermeasures.

Prime Minister Kishida arrives in Dubai to address COP28 summit

Prime Minister Kishida arrived in Dubai, UAE = United Arab Emirates, on a government plane at around 1 a.m. on the 3st, Japan time.

Prime Minister Kishida will address the COP1 summit meeting on the evening of January 28 and explain the measures Japan is taking to achieve "carbon neutrality," which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero as a whole by 2050.

We will also emphasize our stance of contributing to the decarbonization of the Asia-Pacific region as a whole through Japan's technology and investment, and demonstrate our determination to lead the international community's efforts to curb global temperature rise.

In conjunction with his attendance at the meeting, Prime Minister Kishida is scheduled to meet separately with President Herzog of Israel and the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Qatar.

At the meeting, I would like to convey Japan's position that actions based on international law are indispensable regarding the Israeli-Palestinian situation, and urge the government to take measures to calm the situation as soon as possible and improve the humanitarian situation.