Nanfang Daily News (Reporter/Gao Xiaoping Wei Hongquan) On November 11, the 26st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, which lasted for 10 days, came to an end, with the audience exceeding 80,84 for the first time, reaching 7,2019, an increase of 76.11% compared with 4,2024 in 11. At the same time, the organizing committee announced that the next auto show will be held from November 15 to 24, <>.

On the closing day, because it was a weekend, the exhibition ushered in a peak of passenger flow, and many consumers rushed to place orders. Approaching the end of the year, the effects of new car launches, favorable policies, and car company promotions are gradually emerging, and automobile circulation is more "lively" and automobile consumption is more "prosperous", promoting the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the development of the automobile industry and injecting new vitality into Guangdong's high-quality development.

Quality upward

Intelligence drives the change of consumption concepts

The Guangzhou Auto Show is the last large-scale auto show in China this year, and around the year-end closing battle, major manufacturers have done their best to increase terminal promotion efforts and stimulate consumers' enthusiasm for "buying, buying, buying".

BYD's booth, the audience was shoulder to shoulder. In the exhibition area on the first floor, many people sat in the new car and learned more about the control details such as intelligent driving from the staff; In the negotiation area on the second floor, staff can be seen talking with interested consumers everywhere. "It just so happened that BYD cut the price again, and now it's time to make a move." Zhang Yi, a "prospective car owner" from Shunde, Foshan, said.

With the acceleration of the transformation of automobiles to intelligence and electrification, the "wide goods" represented by BYD are favored by consumers. According to the data, BYD's sales of new energy vehicles in 2022 will reach 186.300 million units, and they are expected to exceed <> million units this year.

At the same time, in line with consumers' mentality of "buying a car to go home for the New Year", the official prices announced by many debut models are lower than market expectations, or even lower than the prices of the previous generation models. For example, the Polestar 4, which was unveiled during the Guangzhou Auto Show, was delivered at a price about 4,5 yuan lower than the price shown at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

"The popularity of new energy vehicle booths is significantly higher than that of fuel vehicles, and the rise of domestic brands has triggered a change in consumption concepts." Zhou Fatao, secretary general of the Guangdong New Energy Automobile Industry Association, noticed during the exhibition that with the continuous improvement of the manufacturing power of domestic brands, and with strong competitiveness in model design, core technology, services, etc., the cost performance of products has been steadily improved, and even differentiated competition with luxury cars, "but low price is not synonymous with low quality." The development of the new energy vehicle industry has gradually scaled, and the cost of a single vehicle is constantly decreasing, giving enterprises the space to further open the 'price war'."

The technological advantages of new energy vehicles are being translated into orders of real money. The pre-sale of Zhijie S7 opened for 4 days, and the number of units exceeded 1,36 units; Haobo HT orders exceeded 30000,<> in <> hours, and the cumulative orders exceeded <>,<> units... During the auto show, major car companies have released "report cards", showing the great enthusiasm of consumers.

Policy assistance

Sales of automobiles are expected to reach record highs

As a bulk consumption, automobile consumption is an important starting point for stabilizing the economy and promoting consumption.

Just a few days ago, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the "Several Measures to Further Boost and Expand Consumption in Guangdong Province", proposing a number of measures to further promote the consumption of automobiles and other products. For example, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have further relaxed the qualifications for applying for car purchase indicators, and Guangzhou has increased the quota of 5,<> unplanned energy-saving fuel vehicles this year.

The introduction of a series of measures has further unleashed the consumption potential. "Taking advantage of Guangzhou's increase in energy-saving fuel vehicle indicators, I plan to purchase a petrol-electric hybrid car, and I don't have to worry about queuing up on the highway to charge when I go back to my hometown." Mr. Liu, from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, went straight to GAC Toyota, and his "favorite" model was the Toyota Leiling Hybrid Version.

During the auto show, Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, said that the new energy vehicle market continued to grow this year. Among them, compared with pure electric models, energy-saving models such as range extender and plug-in models are growing faster. In the face of emerging market demand, GAC has long had a layout, and energy-saving and new energy vehicles are gradually becoming a new growth point for GAC Group's business. In the first half of the year, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 20.3%, and the combined penetration rate of energy-saving and new energy vehicles reached 38.7%, an increase of 2020.16 percentage points and 4.24 percentage points respectively from 6.

The rise of the energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry is a microcosm of the high-quality development of Guangdong's automobile industry. Driven by various pro-consumption policies, automobile marketing activities, and a large number of new models on the market, the automobile industry in Guangdong Province has shown a booming pattern of production and sales. According to the statistics of the Guangdong Automobile Industry Association, from January to September this year, the province's automobile production and sales were 1,9,355 and 81,350,43 respectively, a year-on-year increase of 14.9% and 15.1% respectively.

After years of decline, auto sales are expected to stop falling and rebound this year and hit a new high. The China Automobile Dealers Association predicts that with the "Double 12" event and the year-end sales of car companies and dealers in December, the domestic retail sales of passenger cars in 2023 are expected to approach 2200 million units, achieving a growth of 5%.

Lin Jiang, a professor at the Department of Economics of Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University, said that domestic brands have seized opportunities such as intelligence and electrification in the changing situation, allowing the outside world to see the resilience and charm of Guangdong's automotive industry. At the same time, good products, in turn, will further promote the circulation of automobiles and expand automobile consumption, and the supply side and the demand side will exert force at the same time, influence each other and promote each other, which is of great significance for Guangdong to adhere to the manufacturing industry and promote high-quality development. (Nanfang Daily)