After Girja's Sámi village won in court in January 2020 – and received the right to manage hunting and fishing in the mountains within its area – the state chose to appoint the Reindeer Land Committee to review the Reindeer Husbandry Act.

In its interim report, the Reindeer Land Committee proposed that until 2025, the state should still allow small game hunting and fishing – except in the case of Sami villages that have won in court.

But the Sámi communities of Unna Tjerusj and Báste čearruut have been disappointed by this and in August they applied for money to sue the state.

Now Sámi Radio reports that the two Sámi communities are granted SEK 500,000 each from the Sámi Fund.

The money will go to the costs of counsel/lawyers and experts to complete the lawsuit against the state to get the right to decide on small game hunting and fishing in their Sami villages.

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From the archives: Helena Omma, chairperson of the Unna Tjerusj Sámi community, announced as early as 2020 that they were planning to sue the state. Photo: SVT