The China Innovative Talent Index 2023 was released

Shenzhen's innovative talent development level ranks third in the country

Shenzhen Special Zone News (Reporter Zhuang Ruiyu) A few days ago, the report "China Innovative Talent Index 2023 and Core Index Trend 2021-2023 Three-Year Comparative Analysis" led by Shenzhen Talent Group and jointly researched by the Technology Innovation Research Center of Tsinghua University was released at the 2023 Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation and Development Conference.

The report quantitatively evaluates the development level of innovative talents in 9 cities and 23 universities through 33 first-level indicators, 58 second-level indicators and 100 third-level indicators. For the first time, a comparative study on the development effectiveness of innovative talents in Beijing, Shanghai and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will be disclosed, as well as a three-year dynamic evolution study on the ten dimensions of the quantitative evaluation system for innovative talents from 2021 to 2023.

The latest research results show that Beijing, Shanghai and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are the main fronts for the cultivation and gathering of innovative talents in China. Beijing is in a leading position and relatively balanced in the four dimensions of scale, structure, efficiency and environment of innovative talents, among which talent efficiency is the most prominent. Shanghai's talent scale has obvious advantages; The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has an outstanding talent structure, a stable skill structure, significant advantages in the talent environment, and a good innovation support and policy environment.

The report shows that there is a strong correlation between the level of development of innovative talents in cities and the level of economic development. Taking the first-tier city of Shenzhen as an example, Shenzhen's level of innovative talent development has ranked third in the country for three consecutive years, second only to Beijing and Shanghai. In terms of innovative talent structure, Shenzhen ranks first in the country in terms of "skill structure", and the number of R&D personnel per 23,40 people has remained the first for three consecutive years, ahead of Beijing and far ahead of Shanghai. In terms of the efficiency of innovative talents, Shenzhen ranks first in the country with 137,9 non-invention patents authorized, and ranks second in the country with 2021.8 invention patents per 62,2023 people, opening a big gap with Shanghai, which ranks third. In terms of the scale of innovative talents, Shenzhen ranks first in the country in the index of "talent introduction and flow", and the net inflow of population is outstanding. The number of R&D personnel in Shenzhen has ranked second in the past three years, and the gap with Beijing has gradually narrowed, from 2,92 in 87 to <>,<> in <>. In terms of the environment for innovative talents, Shenzhen has formulated a total of <> policies for innovative talents in the past three years, surpassing Hangzhou and Guangzhou to rank third in the country. (Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)