Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Xu Song

Lufeng 7-2 platform in the eastern oilfield of the South China Sea, where dolphins frolic around the platform in groups all year round; In the factory of Shenzhen Yangtze River Furniture, workers work day and night to use new materials and environmentally friendly processes to manufacture zero-emission formaldehyde furniture; Shenzhen Sunwoda Electronics Co., Ltd. continued to carry out energy-saving renovation projects such as air conditioners, air compressors, LED energy-saving lamps, and waste heat recovery, reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of the park by 10% to 20%, and the proportion of green energy reached 80%.

"Shenzhen Blue" and "Shenzhen Green" have long become the city cards of Shenzhen. In order to implement the national "14th Five-Year Plan" industrial green development plan, Shenzhen vigorously develops green and low-carbon industries, guides enterprises to green and low-carbon transformation, focuses on green transformation, supports green technology innovation, and takes the construction of policies, regulations, standards and systems as the guarantee, vigorously implements green manufacturing projects, actively participates in carbon emission control and trading, and achieves remarkable results in industrial green development.

System-driven, the level of green development is leading in the country

During the "24th Five-Year Plan" period, Shenzhen's energy consumption and water consumption per 61,33 yuan of industrial added value decreased by 71.2020% and 2021.9490% respectively, and the energy intensity and carbon emission intensity reached the best level in large cities in China in 12. In 1232, the added value of the city's industrial units above designated size will be 51.<> billion yuan, and the comprehensive energy consumption of industrial units above designated size will be <>.<> million tons of standard coal.

Green and low-carbon is an important area of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and to promote new industrialization, we must comprehensively promote the green development of industry and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly green production system. Shenzhen has seized the opportunity of the transformation from "dual control" of energy consumption to "dual control" of carbon emissions, promoted industrial energy conservation, strengthened the comprehensive utilization of resources, increased the cultivation of safe, energy-saving and environmental protection industrial clusters, improved the energy level of green development, and took multiple measures to promote industrial "carbon peaking". At the same time, Shenzhen actively promotes the green use of energy, vigorously develops new energy vehicles, and improves the competitiveness of new energy vehicles.

Shenzhen, which has successfully become one of the most important automobile towns, points to the "new generation of world-class automobile city". In recent years, the scale of Shenzhen's new energy vehicle industry has grown rapidly, and the industrial chain ecosystem has begun to take shape, building a complete industrial chain including vehicles, power batteries, motor electronic control, autonomous driving, intelligent cockpits, charging infrastructure, automotive aftermarket and other fields, forming an industrial ecosystem led by leading enterprises and highly coordinated industrial chain and supply chain.

At the same time, Shenzhen vigorously promotes the construction of a "supercharging city", and plans to build 2025 supercharging stations by 300, and the number of "supercharging/refueling" ratio is the first in China to reach 1:1. Xu Erman, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Electric Vehicle <> Association, said: "As a leader and innovator in the field of new energy vehicles, Shenzhen ranks among the top in the world in the number of new energy vehicles in the city, and has formed a good industrial ecology. Shenzhen's construction of a 'supercharging city' with super speed is of great significance to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry. ”

Effectively guarantee, financial investment to drive social investment

Since 2019, Shenzhen has funded more than 4 million yuan in new energy vehicles, high-efficiency LED lighting, high-efficiency water-saving equipment, comprehensive utilization of waste, energy-saving technological transformation, green manufacturing incentives and other projects.

In order to fully guarantee the green development of industry and mobilize the participation of enterprises in the creation of green manufacturing, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has successively issued policies such as the "Green and Low-Carbon Support Plan" and the "Green Development to Promote the "Carbon Peak" Support Plan" to strengthen the construction of the green manufacturing system, and to provide detailed support and guidance in the direction of energy and resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, voluntary and cleaner production, and vigorously support the upgrading and transformation projects of key links in the industrial chain, industrial service system, energy conservation and carbon reduction. Enterprises with the titles of green supply chain, green park, green product, and green design demonstration of industrial products will be rewarded.

In view of the national green manufacturing system, Shenzhen actively does a good job in organizing and promoting and auditing checks, coordinates all districts to mobilize enterprises to apply for the construction of green manufacturing system, vigorously promotes the national green manufacturing system through websites and official accounts, and guides enterprises to apply for construction. At the same time, the quality of the declared projects is strictly controlled, the districts are organized to carry out on-site inspections of key enterprises, experts are organized to review and check the application materials, and the preliminary review of the project declaration is carried out to ensure that the quality of the recommended projects is excellent.

At the same time, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology also issued the "Notice on Organizing and Carrying out the Training on Industrial Energy Conservation and Green and Low-Carbon Development in Shenzhen in 2023" and the "Notice on Holding the 2023 Shenzhen "Industrial Green and High-quality Development" Energy Conservation Lecture Hall" to actively promote the key work of energy conservation and green and low-carbon development training in the field of industry and information technology in Shenzhen. Up to now, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has carried out 11 special trainings and 1 industrial energy-saving lecture hall to effectively improve the energy-saving management level of the city's energy management personnel, effectively increase the implementation of mandatory energy-saving standards, and promote the green and high-quality development of the city's industry and information technology.

Strengthen pilot projects and give play to the role of advanced models

In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the state and Guangdong Province on industrial green manufacturing, Shenzhen vigorously promotes the pilot demonstration of green manufacturing. As of June 2023, Shenzhen has successfully established 6 national green factories, 79 green supply chains, 14 green parks, 2 green design products, and 92 green design demonstration enterprises for industrial products, including 13 green factories, 2022 green supply chains, 17 green design products, and 5 green design demonstration enterprises for industrial products in 10.

"Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets." Shenzhen actively practices the concept of green development, gives full play to the leading role of advanced typical demonstration of green manufacturing, vigorously promotes energy-saving technological transformation, comprehensively improves the level of green manufacturing of enterprises, and makes greening a bright background color for high-quality development in the industrial field.

The annual oil and gas production of the eastern South China Sea oilfield operated by CNOOC Shenzhen Branch ranks seventh in China. At present, among the large oil fields of more than 2000 million tons in China, CNOOC Shenzhen Branch is the first oil and gas production enterprise to be rated as a national "green factory". This represents the company's cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction level and green development concept, which has been recognized by the national authority.

It is understood that seven major oil and gas production areas have been built in the eastern oilfields of the South China Sea, and there are 42 existing oil and gas production facilities. In 2022, the annual oil and gas output of the oilfield will exceed 2000 million tons. Complementing the high yield, the oilfield has saved 7,4 tons of standard coal and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 13,5 tons through a series of technological transformation and reform measures throughout the year, which is equivalent to planting about 122.<> million trees.

Dai Zong, manager of the company's development department, who is responsible for the design of the new oilfield development plan, said: "In the early research stage of the new oilfield development project, we fully consider the impact of energy consumption and carbon emissions, demonstrate in detail the feasibility of various energy-saving and carbon-reduction technical measures, fully tap the green potential of the new project, and build a 'zero-carbon' energy industry chain." (Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)