SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Reporter's note: From President Xi Jinping's trip to San Francisco, I realized "where the Tao is".

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wen Wen, Yang Yijun, Su Liang

History has come to this day, and the world is facing many problems. History will truthfully record how a great country heading for rejuvenation shoulders its responsibilities in the historical process of mankind's progress.

November 2023-11, 14, four days that attracted the attention of the world.

In San Francisco, a city on the west coast of the United States, Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited to hold a China-US summit with US President Joe Biden and attended the 30th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

In the face of a turbulent and changing world, how should major countries act? The activities and details of President Xi Jinping's trip to San Francisco contain far-reaching answers.

(1) Finding a way for major countries to get along

"China and the United States must deal with each other well."

On the evening of November 11, while attending a welcome banquet jointly held by American friendship groups, President Xi Jinping expressed his sincere desire to become a rejuvenated country and the common expectations of the international community in simple words.

Major countries shoulder heavy responsibilities to history, to the people, and to the world. As the largest developing and developed country in the world, whether China and the United States can find a correct way to get along beyond the "Thucydides trap" has a bearing on world peace and development and a bright future for future generations.

"China is willing to be a partner and friend with the United States." President Xi Jinping's clear and unequivocal words are the result of deep reflection.

Be a partner, not a rival. This is the openness and sincerity of the leader of a major country who has the world in mind.

Two episodes write a new footnote for China and the United States to explore ways to get along and start again from San Francisco——

Before the luncheon, President Biden showed President Xi Jinping a photo on his mobile phone, which was taken in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco when the young Xi Jinping visited the United States for the first time in 1985. "You haven't changed at all!" President Biden said. There was a burst of laughter at the scene.

At the end of the meeting, the two heads of state said goodbye.

"This car is so beautiful."

"Hongqi car, domestic."

"Just like my Cadillac."

These two dialogues in Philori's estate were swiped by netizens around the world.

Mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation. As for the two big countries like China and the United States, as long as they engage in exchanges with heart, treat each other sincerely, and cooperate on an equal footing, they can completely share the same interests and write a good story that is beneficial to the two countries and the world.

(2) On the way to recreate the "Asia-Pacific miracle".

This year marks the 30th meeting of APEC leaders. Over the past <> years, the Asia-Pacific region has always been at the forefront of global opening and development, and the "Asia-Pacific Miracle" has attracted worldwide attention and brought many inspirations to the world today.

Over the past 30 years, China has always been a staunch supporter and active promoter of opening up and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. At a time when the changes in a century have deeply affected the Asia-Pacific region, China's solutions, China's initiatives, and China's role are of great importance.

In response to the expectations of all parties in the Asia-Pacific region and other countries in the world, President Xi Jinping delivered important speeches during the meeting.

In his written speech to the APEC Business Leaders Summit, President Xi Jinping revisited the original aspiration of Asia-Pacific cooperation and summarized profound enlightenment: openness and inclusiveness are the main theme of Asia-Pacific cooperation, common development is the overall goal of Asia-Pacific cooperation, and seeking common ground while reserving differences is a good practice of Asia-Pacific cooperation.

At the APEC Informal Dialogue between APEC leaders and host guests, President Xi Jinping pointed out the need to further build consensus, focus on action, and inject greater impetus into the cause of global sustainable development.

At the 30th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, President Xi Jinping called on all parties to deeply reflect on the question of the times for the development of the Asia-Pacific region: "What kind of Asia-Pacific should we bring to the middle of this century?" How to build the next 'golden 30 years' of Asia-Pacific development? How can APEC play its role better in this process? ”

30 years in the blink of an eye. Only by drawing wisdom from history can we better move forward into the future.

How to build the next "golden 30 years" of Asia-Pacific development? President Xi Jinping's words are far-reaching: "We should uphold the original aspiration of Asia-Pacific cooperation, respond responsibly to the call of the times, and work together to address global challenges." ”

Innovation-driven, open-minded, green development, and inclusive sharing – upholding the original aspiration of cooperation and focusing on common development, President Xi Jinping's four-point proposal is clear.

"The experience of Asia-Pacific development tells us that if we open up, we will prosper, and if we are closed, we will decline."

"I have said many times that the real development is when everyone develops together."

"China will continue to support APEC in economic and technical cooperation and jointly expand the Asia-Pacific development pie."


China's own development achievements have benefited from the opening up and cooperation of the Asia-Pacific region, and it will take its own strong actions to promote the opening and cooperation of the Asia-Pacific region through the clouds and fog and start again.

(3) The way of governing the country

The veterans of the Flying Tigers are here, the descendants of General Stilwell are here, the "Friends of Guling" are here, friends from Iowa and Washington are here...

On the evening of the 15th local time, in downtown San Francisco, American friendship groups jointly held a banquet to welcome President Xi Jinping. New and old friends gathered together, and the scene was grand and enthusiastic.

"I believe that once the door of China-US relations is opened, it will not be closed again. Once the cause of friendship between the two peoples is initiated, they will not give up halfway. The tree of friendship between peoples has grown and will surely withstand the wind and rain. ”

Because it is deeply rooted in the people, China-US cooperation has always had the power to thrive.

The word "people" is the key word in President Xi Jinping's heart and mind during his trip to San Francisco.

"Working better, living better, and children growing up better are the ardent aspirations of more than 14.<> billion Chinese";

"The Communist Party of China is for the people, and the people's yearning for a better life is our goal and the hearts of the people that must be kept";

"Being among the people makes me feel down-to-earth, and being with the people gives me strength";

"I will live up to the people without me, this is my lifelong belief"...

President Xi Jinping made it clear to the world with affectionate words that the starting point and end goal of Chinese-style modernization is to make more than 14.<> billion Chinese people live a better life.

For the world, this means a broader market and unprecedented opportunities for cooperation.

While in San Francisco, President Xi Jinping met with leaders of many countries who had come to attend the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and other events. On the sidelines of the meeting, many leaders took the initiative to come forward and interact with President Xi Jinping.

Facing the future, China's high-quality development and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation require a favorable external environment; In order for the world to cope with various global crises and challenges, it also needs a China that continues to develop for the better.

"In the past, China has climbed through the hurdles and made historic achievements in overcoming risks and challenges. At present, China's economy is resilient, has sufficient potential, and has wide room for maneuver, and the long-term positive fundamentals have not changed and will not change. ”

"This year marks the 45th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and we will adhere to high-quality development, promote high-level opening-up, and provide new opportunities for promoting the modernization of all countries in the world with Chinese-style modernization."

President Xi Jinping's stories of China in San Francisco show the world that China will be better; The next "China" is still China.

"Where the Tao is, although thousands of people go to me." This is the mind and responsibility of a great power.

President Xi Jinping once said: "My governing philosophy can be summed up as: to serve the people and shoulder the responsibilities that should be shouldered." ”

The trip to San Francisco is an act of responsibility for the country and the world.