• Massive privatisations: Milei's debut as president-elect
  • Victoria Villarruel The "Iron Lady" by Javier Milei

"In Venezuela they have not happened and will not happen! Venezuela will continue to be a free and Bolivarian land!", reacted Nicolás Maduro almost a day after the victory of Javier Milei in Argentina and the consequent defeat of his Peronist allies. The Bolivarian leader avoided mentioning the name of the president-elect, but viciously attacked him: "The neo-Nazi extreme right won in Argentina, we call for reflection on the emergence of foci of the ultra-right that intend to impose themselves to recolonize Latin America and impose extremist models."

Maduro said that the new "extreme right-wing" administration intends to lead a colonial project throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. From Venezuela we are always going to speak our truth, we respect the vote of the Argentine people, they wanted to give themselves that government." The ruling party insistently compares the new opposition leader, María Corina Machado, with Milei's political group, despite the fact that Vente Venezuela's ties with the opposition of Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich are known.

In his welcome to the new president, Machado not only congratulated Milei, but also highlighted the political attitude of Macri and Bullrich, who also had much of the support of Venezuelan emigrants in the southern country. "The struggle for change and freedom is advancing in Latin America," said the winner of the opposition primaries, who according to all polls would crush Maduro at the polls if presidential elections were held today in Venezuela.

Maduro did not relent in his onslaught against Milei by assuring that "we are not going to be silent, the arrival of a right-wing extremist with an absolutely colonial project, kneeling to U.S. imperialism, is a tremendous threat. It intends to put an end to the State, to social rights and to establish on the continent what was the ultra-liberal project called liberal by them, which was imposed in the 70s with the coups d'état of Pinochet in Chile, Videla in Argentina, in Uruguay. They implemented a repressive, paramilitary and parapolice state," said the "people's president."

"Venezuela remains a trench of truth, of justice, of progressive changes, of the rights of the peoples," said Maduro, who took advantage of his weekly television program to "dictate" a history class to a group of schoolchildren who were taken to the channel's studios.

"Read the history of Nazi Germany and the terrible crimes Hitler committed. Nazism, the ultra-right Nazism (sic), which seeks to re-emerge from various poles. The main pole is in Tel Aviv, a racist, Nazi, Zionist ultra-right... The values of the homeland in the face of the ultra-right that is emerging in the world," he said.

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