Egypt received 28 premature babies from Gaza (Anatolia)

The Israeli aggression on Gaza continues for the 45th day, as the occupation forces continue to bomb the Indonesian and Al-Awda hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip, causing a number of martyrs and injuries, amid warnings of a repeat of what happened in the Shifa complex.

This comes at a time when a medical official at Al-Shifa Complex said that the occupation is detaining more than 200 patients and medical teams and using them as human shields.

For its part, the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), bombarded the city of Tel Aviv and its suburbs with a rocket barrage described as one of the largest barrages, and sirens sounded in a vast area from Ashdod in the south to Herzliya in the north.

Here are the highlights of today's developments:

  • Hamas leader: There are no details regarding the prisoner exchange deal.
  • White House: We are working around the clock to reach an agreement on Hamas prisoners and we think we are closer than ever.
  • Israel has given the green light to a deal and is waiting for Hamas' response.
  • Fierce clashes between the resistance and the occupation forces in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood.
  • Yedioth Ahronoth: IDF reduces reserve size.
  • Abu Obeida: We destroyed 60 enemy vehicles and are pursuing their forces everywhere.
  • Al-Qassam bombards Tel Aviv with one of the largest rocket barrages.
  • Israeli Home Front: Sirens sounded at 129 locations in Tel Aviv.
  • State media in Gaza: More than 13300,<> martyrs in the Gaza Strip.
  • Scenes of Houthi control of an Israeli ship in the Red Sea.
  • WHO Director: We are appalled that the Indonesian hospital has been targeted.
  • Qatar condemns the Israeli bombing of the Indonesian hospital.
  • Gaza Health: The occupation turns the Indonesian hospital into a barracks.
  • Gaza Health: We cannot remove or count the victims of the Israeli bombardment.
  • The war raises the number of unemployed in Israel from 163,428 to <>,<>.
  • China discusses the situation in Gaza with ministers of Arab and Muslim countries.
  • A group of premature babies arrive in Egypt after being evacuated from Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Source : Al Jazeera