He cites the example of French President Macron going to Israel after 7 October and offering to fight Hamas together with Israel.

Had they waited for broader fighting with Hamas, they could have received support from several countries. But after the high death toll in Gaza, this is no longer possible, says Ian Bremmer.

"I think it was the mistake they made," he said in Aktuellt.

Ian Bremmer does not believe there will be a pause in the fighting in the coming weeks. He is convinced that Israel wants to destroy Hamas to the point that it cannot operate in Gaza and it is not there yet. But even though support for the war against Hamas is high in Israel, after the country was attacked and 1,200 were killed, Israel's reputation in the world is declining.

"Even if the Israeli government wins tactical military victories on the ground in Gaza, it loses the information war, both globally and in the Middle East.