Regarding the de facto dismissal of Sam Altman, who was the CEO of the American venture company 'Open AI' that developed the generative AI ChatGPT, the American media reported that more than 500 employees signed a letter to the company saying that Mr. Altman would leave the company if he did not return.

'Open AI', which developed the generative AI ChatGPT, announced the retirement of Sam Altman, who was the CEO, on the 17th of last week, and it is considered to be a de facto dismissal.

After that, it is clear that Mr. Altman will join the IT giant Microsoft, but the American media reported on the 20th that more than 770 employees of about 500 employees of "Open AI" signed a letter to the company.

The letter asks for the resignation of all directors along with Mr. Altman's return to the company, and if it is not accepted, he may leave the company and work for Mr. Altman, who will join Microsoft.

The letter was also signed by Ilya Satsukiber, one of the directors who allegedly informed Altman of his resignation. On the 1th, Ilya Satsukiber wrote a comment on his old Twitter account "X" that he regretted his own actions in participating in the decision to retire, saying, 'I deeply regret participating in the actions of the board of directors.' He added: "I didn't mean to hurt Open AI at all, I love everything we've built together. We will do everything we can to reunite the company," he posted.

Mr. Altman founded OpenAI with Elon Musk and others in 20 and launched its service in November last year, and ChatGPT, which can create answers in natural sentences when you enter a question, is rapidly expanding its use around the world.

In the background of his resignation, it is reported that Mr. Altman was rapidly expanding generative AI services and that there was a possibility that there was an internal conflict within the company over the safety of the product, and the company's response is attracting attention.

US media "Emmett Shea as interim CEO"

American media reports that Emmett Shea, who is known for running a company that operates the American video distribution site 'Twitch', has been appointed as the new interim CEO of OpenAI.

On the 20th, Mr. Xia also posted on the old Twitter "X" that he was approached by Open AI to be an interim CEO and accepted.

Among them, Mr. Shea said, "The circumstances and communication surrounding Mr. Altman's resignation were very terrible and significantly damaged trust," and in order to investigate the circumstances of this resignation, he announced his intention to hire an independent investigator within 30 days to compile a report.