Regarding the protest statement issued by the Australian side that a Chinese destroyer emitted a powerful sound wave to a Royal Australian Navy vessel and injured a soldier who was diving, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced a statement that it was 'completely untrue to the facts' and protested.

According to a statement by the Australian Department of Defense, on the 14th of this month, a frigate serving in Japan's EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) stopped the ship because a fishing net became entangled in the propeller, and while soldiers were diving, the approaching Chinese destroyer emitted powerful sound waves, causing several soldiers to slightly injure their ears, and protested to the Chinese side, saying that it was a "dangerous act."

Regarding this, a spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Defense released a statement on the 20th, stating that "Australia's claims do not match the facts at all and we firmly oppose it" and protested to the Australian side.

"We call on the Australian side to respect the facts, stop making irresponsible accusations and create a good atmosphere for the positive development of both countries and their militaries," he said.

While relations between China and Australia are improving in the economic field, the differences in positions on security have not been bridged.