Hospitals and ambulances fully protected by international humanitarian law (French)

Israel has provided no evidence to prove Hamas's use of medical facilities in the Gaza Strip and has called for Israeli attacks against those facilities to be investigated as war crimes, Human Rights Watch said.

According to the organization, the alleged "intelligence evidence" does not justify denying hospitals and ambulances the protection under international humanitarian law.

Repeated and seemingly unlawful Israeli attacks on medical facilities, staff and transport further destroy Gaza's healthcare system and must be investigated as war crimes.

The organization said it had investigated attacks on or near a number of hospitals between October 7 and November 7. She spoke to displaced witnesses, 16 medical workers and hospital officials in Gaza, and analysed and verified open-source data, including videos posted on social media and satellite imagery, as well as WHO databases.

The organization concluded that it was unable to confirm the Israeli allegations and that it had not seen any information justifying the attacks on Gaza's hospitals.

Hospitals and other medical facilities are civilian objects with special protection under international humanitarian law, or the laws of war.

The organization urged Israel to end its unlawful attacks as well as its blockade of the enclave, which amounts to the war crime of collective punishment.

The organization called on the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries to suspend military aid to Israel as long as its forces continue to commit serious and widespread violations against Palestinian civilians.

Source: Human Rights Watch