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  • The police charged the radicals who were trying to tear down the fences at the end of the demonstration against the amnesty in Ferraz

Standing on street furniture next to the police cordon at the intersection of Ferraz and Marqués de Urquijo streets, Isabel Peralta posed in front of the four cardinal points giving the Nazi salute during the protests against the pardons held on Tuesday night.

A gesture that was answered with boos by most of the attendees and that is the latest controversy in a long list of public appearances, which have even earned her international fame to the point of making her the female face of Spanish Nazism. A role he gladly accepts, using the Waffen-SS motto, "My honor is called loyalty," in the header of his website.

Peralta rose to fame shortly after coming of age. Dressed in the blue uniform of the Phalanx, she delivered an anti-Semitic speech – "the Jew is to blame," she repeated repeatedly – during a tribute to the Blue Division. One intervention turned her into a public figure fueled by interviews on television and YouTube, where she even intervened with a huge swastika in the background. A symbol that now accompanies his name on his public Telegram channel.

Isabel Peralta, in Falange uniform, during a tribute to the Blue Division.E.M.

International fame was not long in coming. She is banned for life from entering Germany for her pronouncements in favor of Hitler's ideology, a restriction that she proudly boasts about on her website, presenting herself as a person "banned in several countries."

Currently, he continues to be active in the Madrid Nazi milieu from the group Bastion Frontal and presents himself as a "correspondent in Europe" and the image of Heritage and Destiny magazine, a British far-right publication that vindicates the work of Oswald Mosley (leader of the British Union of Fascists), Ian Stuart (the vocalist of Skrewdriver, a pioneering musical group in using punk and rock to convey a white supremacist message) and Adolf Hitler himself.

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