As the Israeli army continues to invade the ground, an artist from the Gaza Strip who has been invited to Japan gave a telephone interview to NHK while living as an evacuee, saying, "I want people to know what is happening in Gaza."

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"Reach out to stop the destruction and killing."

Mohammed Hawajiri, an artist living in the Gaza Strip, came to Japan four years ago and has the experience of conveying the horror of Israeli military attacks and the reality of the economic blockade to the people of Japan through art.

Hawaziri fled from her home in the northern part of the Gaza Strip to a town just south of Wadi Gaza, which divides the Gaza Strip from north to south, as Israeli forces called for evacuation to the south.

He said that he had considered evacuating further south because the Israeli army was closing in on him, but he said that the current situation is difficult.

Ms. Hawajiri said, "There are a total of 4 people, including the elderly, children, and women, and there is no place to accept them.

In addition, Mr. Hawagiri said that he secures a means of communication while charging his smartphone with solar panels, but he was worried that he would not be able to contact his fellow artists who had come to Japan with him in the past.

Mr. Hawajiri was appealing to "let people know what is happening in the Gaza Strip and reach out to stop the destruction and killing," but the voice was choppy and the call was cut off in about 25 minutes.

Israeli military spokesman posts video of residents holding white flags and evacuating

An Arabic-language spokesman for the Israeli military posted a text on the old Twitter account X on the 7th calling on residents of the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate to the south.

Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. on the 2th, the Gaza Strip will be allowed to pass through Salahaddin Street, which runs north-south through the Gaza Strip, and people are asked to move south for safety.

The post was accompanied by a video of a large number of residents walking from a distance, holding white flags and raising their hands, saying, "Many people are evacuating at this time, and if you and your loved ones are important, follow our instructions and head south."

The Israeli army is the largest city in the Gaza Strip and is in the north, Gaza City, which is surrounded by ground troops, and is conducting fierce attacks day and night, and by urging the evacuation of civilians before intensifying urban warfare, it seems that the aim is to emphasize the legitimacy of the military operation as complying with international law.

Israeli military posts it has destroyed multiple underground tunnels

The Israeli military posted on social media on the 7th that it had found and destroyed several underground tunnels installed in a residential area in Beit Hanoon in the northern Gaza Strip.

It is said that the destruction of the underground tunnel was carried out on the 6th, and in the released video, after the building with a large broken outer wall, you can see the space that seems to continue to the basement where the wall is hardened with something like concrete, and the soldier is pointing a gun or illuminating it with a light.

And in another scene, you can hear a loud explosion and smoke rising high.

It is said that soldiers belonging to the special forces "Yahalom" also participated in the discovery and destruction of the tunnel, and the commander of Yahalom said in the video, "Hamas's attack route also passed through residential areas and residential living rooms.

Israel Calls for Immediate Release of Hostages

Seven days and one month after the surprise attack by the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas, a large number of people gathered in the squares of Tel Aviv, Israel's largest commercial city, to offer a moment of silence for the victims and sing the Israeli national anthem.

In addition, posters with photos of the faces of hostages detained in the Gaza Strip and 7 stuffed animals representing the number of hostages were displayed in the square, appealing for their release as soon as possible.