With the continued massacres committed by the Israeli army against civilians in the Gaza Strip, and the pressure exerted by Arab and international public opinion, analysts and experts are likely to change the American position towards pressuring Israel to stop its aggression, but they stressed that this is related to the calculations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who seeks revenge on the people of Gaza in all ways.

In this context, Khalil Al-Anani, a professor of political science and international relations, pointed to the possibility of a shift in the US position due to the internal repercussions against the background of the cost of Israel's crimes against civilians in the Gaza Strip, and the existence of divisions within the ruling Democratic Party, which may affect the chances of current President Joe Biden to win the upcoming presidential elections.

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Al-Anani said in his speech during the analytical pause, "Gaza ... What next?" which is broadcast daily on Al-Jazeera – that the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel is linked to the granting of this ally, which he considered a last opportunity for the possibility of getting out of the crisis in which he is floundering, especially in light of the inability of the occupation army to achieve an achievement on the ground.

From the same speaker's point of view, the pressure of the Arab street may affect the position of the allies of the United States of America, referring to Egypt and Jordan, which have relations with Israel, which could lead to pressure towards stopping the massacres committed against the people of Gaza.

However, Al-Anani referred to the US strategy to provide all kinds of support to Israel and not to talk about a ceasefire in Gaza, and its desire not to expand the scope of the war in the region, in addition to the brutality practiced by the occupation against the Palestinians with the aim of revenge and trying to achieve its plan to displace them outside their homeland.

For his part, the official of the Norwegian medical team for the Gaza Strip, Dr. Mads Gilbert, spoke about the existence of great international pressure exerted on the US administration to change its position, noting that the Americans with whom he communicates expressed to him their great dissatisfaction with the consequences of unlimited American support for Israel. He predicted that large demonstrations would later be held in Washington to denounce the massacres of civilians in Gaza.

Gilbert said that the occupation attacks on ambulances and hospitals in Gaza will increase pressure on Washington from public opinion.

Israeli crack

According to Muhannad Mustafa, an expert on Israeli affairs, without clear practical pressure, Israel will continue its brutal aggression against Gaza in an attempt to regain the prestige it lost due to the battle of the Al-Aqsa flood.

It is likely that the Israeli position will change if internal pressure increases due to the heavy losses their army is receiving at the hands of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, and because of the Israelis' lack of confidence in Netanyahu's government and their doubts about the possibility of achieving its goals from the war launched on the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that Israeli public opinion has so far supported the war on Gaza, but it may crack as the losses in the ranks of the Israeli army increase.

On the other hand, the official of the Norwegian medical team accused the Israeli occupation of repeatedly targeting ambulances, stressing that this happened in 2009 and is now repeated in the war it is waging on the Gaza Strip.

He revealed that what happened today is that a convoy of ambulances left towards the Rafah crossing carrying international signals, the Red Crescent and the Red Cross, and when they left, the occupation fired rockets at them, seriously injuring one of the drivers.