In response to the fact that the construction cost of the venue for the Osaka-Kansai Expo, which will be held next year, is expected to increase by 500 billion yen from the previous amount, to a maximum of 2350 billion yen, the government has announced that it will accept one-third of the increase due to inflation and other factors.

The Japan Exposition Association, which organizes the Osaka-Kansai Expo, had previously predicted a maximum of 1850 billion yen for the construction of the venue, but due to soaring material prices and labor costs, it projected that it would increase to a maximum of 2350 billion yen, and sought the understanding of the three parties that bear the construction costs: the government, Osaka Prefecture and city, and the business community.

The government had been scrutinizing the reasons for the upside, but on the 3nd, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura and Minister in charge of the Expo Jimi held a press conference and announced that they would accept the burden of the increase, saying that it was unavoidable due to rising prices and other factors.

Osaka Prefecture, the city, and the business community have also indicated that they will accept the burden of the increase on the 2st, and the three parties will each bear one-third of the burden as before.

The government intends to include the necessary expenses in the supplementary budget bill to be submitted to the current extraordinary session of the Diet, which will further increase the burden on the public.

During the press conference, Minister Nishimura stated, "As inflation and labor costs have risen during this period and are expected to continue in the future, we have decided to accept the burden because it is unavoidable.