Rafah (Egypt)

Updated Sunday,22October2023 - 13:52

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The Rafah border crossing, which connects Egypt with the Gaza Strip, has opened for the second day in a row to allow 17 trucks of humanitarian aid to enter, local media reported.

Egypt's Al Qahera News television broadcast live the entry of these vehicles through Rafah into Gaza.

After several days of intense negotiations, the passage was opened on Saturday for the first time since the outbreak of the war, just two weeks after the terrorist attack by the Islamist group Hamas in southern Israel. 20 trucks carrying water, food and medicine crossed the world's most visited border crossing to help Gazans.

While the UN applauded the entry of humanitarian aid for the first time since the outbreak of the worst confrontation between Israel and Hamas, expressing its hope that they will be only the first trucks in the framework of a broader and continuous assistance, in Gaza they warn that it is only "a drop of water in the sea" in the face of the needs of the more than two million inhabitants.

70% of the population is displaced

Some 70% of Gaza's population is displaced and half of its homes are totally or partially destroyed by Israeli bombardment after 16 days of war between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas, the Gaza Government Press Office said today.

This implies theinternal displacement of at least 1.4 million people among Gaza's 2.3 million inhabitants.

About half of them are taking refuge in 217 reception centres, and the rest have been welcomed in the homes of relatives, friends or acquaintances. added the spokesman for the Hamas-controlled executive strip.

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