The Municipal Police arrested yesterday Sunday in Villaverde a 42-year-old man of Colombian nationality accused of sexually assaulting the two minor children of his partner for more than a year. The girlfriend of the detainee and mother of the two minors, a 31-year-old Colombian, has also been arrested, as the children stated that they had confessed on numerous occasions to their mother what happened and she had not taken any action.

The case was uncovered on Sunday when the two minor victims of the abuse, aged 14 and 12, told their uncle they had met at noon what they were suffering. Reltied up with great fear that the same Sunday morning her stepfather got into bed and began to touch her genitals and breasts and him genitals, both brothers sleeping in the same bed. They added that they had been suffering the aggressions for a year and that the stepfather also had conversations of a sexual nature with other minors on his phone through WhatsApp.

Very indignant, the uncle decided to go to his sister's apartment to ask for explanations accompanied by his two nephews. Upon arriving at the house, the alleged rapist began to beat the man, starting a dispute between the two. Meanwhile, the two children and the mother went down to the street. The two boys began to cry. Several people saw the scene and called the police.

The agents of the Municipal Police of Usera went to the place and interviewed the minors and the mother who were on the street. The girl said that it all started after she revealed to her uncle the sexual assaults they suffered at the hands of their stepfather. They explained that the abuses began in Colombia and were repeated in Spain, where they have been living since the end of last year. The 12-year-old girl also detailed that she witnessed the abuse suffered by her brother, who confirmed the testimony of her younger sister and the aggressions and humiliations she suffered every night when her stepfather got into the bed where they slept.

Mother's Excuses

As the officers went up to the home where the alleged sex offender was, the mother told the police that on several occasions her children had told her that they were being assaulted by their partner. However, the mother never believed them. He thought they were making it up and that's why he didn't take any action and he didn't ask his partner about these facts.

Once at the home and in view of the demonstrations of the minors, the Municipal Police arrested the 42-year-old man for two crimes of sexual assault on a minor and one crime of abuse in the family environment. Her partner was also arrested for her alleged participation in two crimes of sexual assault on their two children, since she was aware of the facts and had done nothing to prevent it. The two arrested were taken by the Municipal Police to the UFAM offices of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of Madrid.

The minors were treated yesterday morning after the matter was discovered by the doctors and psychologists of the Samur who went to the apartment where they lived. After being examined by the doctors, they were placed under the guardianship of their uncle.

The police also seized the detainee's mobile phone for examination and dumped it in order to obtain more evidence on the accusations of the two minors.

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