China News Network, October 10 -- According to comprehensive Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan authorities, on the pretext of strengthening the protection of critical infrastructure, plan to expand the "Police Department" Second Protection Corps to 8,4500 personnel, which has been questioned by all walks of life as building Taiwan's "second army", and the results may be extremely limited. In contrast, the grassroots criminal police who are responsible for public security work on the island, cracking down on fraud, anti-gang crime, and anti-narcotics have to do all kinds of investigations, and the current shortage of manpower is more serious, but they do not receive high-level care, which makes the grassroots police bitterly criticize the cart before the horse.

In August, the first batch of 8 police officers recruited by the Second Protection Corps for training, and these policemen recruited from the First Guard Corps, the Fourth Preservation Corps, and the Fifth Protection Corps were originally distributed to the police stations of various counties and cities for support.

The lack of police forces on the island has been a long-standing problem, especially for criminal officers who are responsible for front-line law and order work. According to statistics, the investigators of the police departments of various counties and cities on the island have 5516,4184 staff, and due to local financial problems, there are only 227,5 budget posts, but at present, even the budget posts cannot be filled, and there are still 43 people short, with a vacancy rate of 246.<>%; If the Aviation Police Department and other direct agencies are added, the shortfall increases to <>.

Huang Mingzhao, a "police commissioner" with a background in criminal work, attaches great importance to the problem of criminal police shortages, and in July this year ordered the relaxation of the regulations on the selection of investigations, and asked the personnel office to take charge of the situation and keep a close eye on the progress every month. Wong Ming-chao believes that the police are already very heavy, and they have time to study to prepare for the exam, and paper is far inferior to practical experience, so the written examination is cancelled so that willing police officers can pass the interview and selection.

Taking some sub-bureaus as an example, the establishment of the reconnaissance team has 40 people, but the entire investigation team must have 80 internal and external personnel to operate, and it is necessary to deploy police support from other units. Therefore, the number of criminal police officers should be higher, perhaps more than double the establishment, lamenting that the Taiwan authorities should not expand the number, but let the police go to the battlefield to create a tense atmosphere of war.

Unlike ordinary police officers, the criminal police are responsible for investigating and investigating criminal cases, but now that fraud cases are on the rise, which has also increased the workload of criminal police, Kuomintang "legislator" You Yulan said during a questioning in May this year that there is a shortage of more than 5 criminal police on the island.

According to earlier reports, Taiwan's "Police Department" has decided to expand the Second Protection Corps and "militarize" it, greatly doubling the police strength to 4000,<> people, and after receiving military training in batches, it is equipped with heavy machine guns, grenades, needle missiles, and other personal heavy weapons, becoming the "Second Army."

According to the plan, this batch of "Second Army" will be fully young in the future, police officers and police officers must be under 50 years old, police officers under 55 years old, and those who exceed the age must be forcibly transferred to maintain combat effectiveness.

And the future training will also be different from the current police. It is understood that all the police officers who will be sent to the Second Protection Corps for the first time in the future must be under the age of 40, and all of them must first go to the Taiwan Army to receive military education and training, and be familiar with basic individual soldiers and squads, platoons, and town operations. At the same time, learn to operate various types of light weapons. It included all kinds of machine guns, grenades, and needle missiles.