The head of the press center of the West group, Sergei Zybinsky, said that aviation attacked a number of objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kupyansk direction.

"Operational-tactical aviation of the group of forces "West" launched an air strike on the points of temporary deployment of units of the 25th Airborne and 43rd Mechanized Brigades in the areas of the settlements of Berestove, Kopanki," he said.

In addition, the group's artillery thwarted an attempt to rotate units of the 32nd Mechanized Brigade at the forefront in the area of Stepovaya Novoselovka.

According to Zybinsky, along with this, during the counter-battery fight, the group's artillery destroyed the 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery mount, the 152-mm Msta-B towed howitzer and the American-made M777 artillery gun.

"The total losses of the enemy amounted to two platoons of manpower, one mortar, one unmanned aerial vehicle," Zybinsky said.

The head of the press center of the "South" group, Georgy Minesashvili, said that the military repelled eight attacks by Ukrainian assault groups in the Artyomovsk and Avdiivka directions.

"The enemy's losses were: more than 300 troops, Krab self-propelled guns, a D-20 gun, two tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, two Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile systems, an electronic reconnaissance station, as well as seven cars and eight unmanned aerial vehicles," he explained.

Also on the, the Russian military captured two groups of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Artyomovsk

In addition, aviation destroyed a hangar with military equipment and a temporary deployment point for the 110th mechanized and 79th airborne assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novomykhailivka and Avdiivka.

In addition to this, missile forces and artillery attacked three Ukrainian ammunition depots in Krasnohorivka, Bilohorivka and Kramatorsk, as well as the manpower of a unit of the 24th Mechanized Brigade in the Dzerzhinsk area.

The crews of the Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower systems hit the stronghold of the 54th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the settlement of Verkhnekamenskoye in the DPR.

The Ministry of Defense also stated that the artillery crews of the 57-mm automatic anti-aircraft guns S-60 of the West group defeated the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kupyansk direction.

As follows from the message of the department, the calculation received the coordinates of the target in the evening, after which reconnaissance with the help of a drone recorded camouflaged enemy strongholds, transmitting the coordinates to the artillerymen.

"They immediately moved to the firing line to destroy targets according to the intelligence received. The fighters worked quickly and harmoniously. They fired 57 mm shells at a distance of 6.5 km, destroying the target in 30 seconds," the department said.

Russian servicemen also spoke about the destruction of two shifts of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during their rotation in the Kharkiv region. Details with reference to the military reported RIA Novosti.

"Now they were working on the enemy's dugout from an anti-tank installation, they worked exactly on target, the target was hit. The goal is a dugout, an accumulation of manpower, there was a rotation, they detected movement - and worked it out, "the agency quotes the words of the commander of the calculation of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District with the call sign Cat.

He clarified that the enemy replaces personnel in positions regardless of the time of day, and the route takes place along the trenches dug along the front line.

"The work takes no more than one and a half minutes from the beginning of the installation to the shooting," the military concluded.