A UN commission of inquiry said on Friday that Israel's illegal actions entail legal consequences and oblige all countries to act to put an end to those acts.

The Committee added that Israel had violated, and continued to violate, the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination through its long-term occupation, settlement and annexation of the occupied territories, considering that all States had an obligation to end such illegal acts.

This came in a position paper issued by the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the occupied Palestinian territories.

The paper comes within the framework of a 2022 UN General Assembly resolution that requested the International Court of Justice to issue an advisory opinion on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Commission of Inquiry was mandated to report annually on its main activities to the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly, and was mandated in 2021 to investigate all violations of international law inside the OPT.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry welcomed the position of the UN Committee on the violations of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

In a statement, she called for sanctions to be imposed on Israel to stop its violations.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) also welcomed the committee's position, and the movement's spokesman, Abdul Latif al-Qanou, called on the international community to take appropriate measures to hold the leaders of the occupation accountable in the light of the committee's findings.