• PSOE Pedro Sánchez takes for granted the commission of the King and launches his investiture
  • Catalonia Junqueras and Puigdemont warn Sánchez: "We will not renounce self-determination"

The socialist deputy Óscar Puente has acknowledged that in the PSOE "the amnesty is being valued" requested by the Catalan separatists, but "the referendum is unviable". However, he has indicated that "a consultation to assess a consultation framework" does fit into the Constitution.

In statements to the Cope chain, Puente stressed that "the PSOE has always been willing to study formulas that dejudicialize the problem that exists in Catalonia."

"Amnesty is something that is valued and studied. With the referendum we see it unfeasible, it is clearly not constitutional and we are not willing to do that, "explained the socialist deputy and former mayor of Valladolid.

"If a consultation is intended to assess a consultation framework, that fits in the Constitution. A referendum in no way we are going to support it and they know it. If they ask for what they do not want to give, it is clear that there will be no agreement, "said the socialist deputy who intervened in the investiture session of Alberto Núñez Feijóo instead of the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

"Everything is focused on Puigdemont but there are more people pending a procedure as a result of October 1. It should not be personalized in it, what it is about is to open a new stage in Catalonia and the people who were outside normality and legality return to it, "he explained.

Puente stressed that since Puigdemont fled Spain "six years and many things have passed", so "it is not nonsense to try to turn the page on that and return to live in a climate of normality and coexistence". "It is true that this occurs within the framework of the investiture and is perceived as a concession, and is the pejorative part of the solution," he concluded.

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