The Libyan Public Prosecutor's Office issued an order to imprison four officials in connection with the Derna flood disaster, namely members of the Municipal Council in Derna, the director of the city's reconstruction projects office, and the head of the technical committee tasked with implementing its reconstruction plan.

On the tenth of September, Hurricane Daniel swept through several areas in eastern Libya, most notably the cities of Benghazi, Al-Bayda, Al-Marj and Sousse, in addition to other areas, including Derna, which was the most affected, after the collapse of two dams in it and floods that flooded the city and wiped out some of its neighborhoods completely.

After interrogation, the Public Prosecutor accused these officials of mismanaging the administrative and financial work entrusted to them and of inadequate job performance, which caused a massive flood that surprised the city's residents, led to the death of thousands of them and resulted in heavy economic losses.

The Attorney General's Office added on its Facebook page that it had gone ahead with the rest of the procedures necessary for the case.

In another development, the Emergency and Support Medicine Center of the Libyan Government of National Unity announced the recovery of 64 bodies within 48 hours for victims of floods that swept cities in the east of the country more than two weeks ago.

On 24 September, a government committee tasked with the Libyan parliament announced that the death toll from the cyclone reached 3868,16, a toll close to another announced by the World Health Organization on September 3958, when it reported that 9,<> people had died and more than <>,<> were missing.