HANGZHOU, September 9 (Fang Kun) "That's very funny! "Monkey Serre!" ...... On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 29, there was a special appointment in the Hangzhou Asian Games Village, where athletes from South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Tajikistan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions gathered in the Yili Dairy Experience Store in Hangzhou Asian Games Village to make ice skin mooncakes and make rabbit lanterns to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. The words of the Chinese collided strangely, and there was laughter in the Asian Games village.

"The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of family reunion, and I think it is very interesting to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hangzhou for the first time and experience so many interesting traditional cultures in the Asian Games Village." Du Jiamin, an athlete of the Macau team in China, told reporters that at the Hangzhou Asian Games, the audience was very enthusiastic, and the cheers for the Macao athletes were very enthusiastic, which made her heart full of passion. In the Hangzhou Asian Games Village, you can experience the Mid-Autumn Festival activities, and this Asian Games trip feels very warm.

Hong Kong athletes from China and Macau athletes make ice skin mooncakes. Photo by Fang Kun

Du Jiamin put on disposable gloves, rubbed back and forth, and within a few minutes, the cute pink glutinous balls were formed, and then pressed one by one with the mold, and the ice skin mooncakes were born.

Seeing this, Hong Kong athlete Zhang Zichong was eager to try. As a male athlete, although his action of making ice skin mooncakes is slightly clumsy, under the hand-to-hand teaching of staff and volunteers, the delicately shaped ice skin mooncakes are quickly "freshly baked".

The athlete from Tajikistan said: "This is my first Mid-Autumn Festival in China, and the scene makes me feel like I am gathering with family and friends. It was also my first time making Chinese mooncakes, it was very challenging, but in the end I succeeded, and today is the most memorable experience in the city of Hangzhou besides competing in the Asian Games. ”

Foreign athletes experience making rabbit lights. Photo courtesy of Deng Weixuan

After learning about the traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, athletes from all over the world also experienced the process of making traditional lanterns themselves. Build, fix, assemble... After a while, all the beautiful and delicate rabbit lanterns lit up.

"Today I am very happy because I successfully made two rabbit lights, but I am even happier to see that many foreign friends are also enjoying it, and I feel very proud and happy to see that they are so interested and love our Mid-Autumn Festival traditional culture." Chen Qianxi, a member of the Chinese national diving team, said.

Foreign athletes experience making rabbit lights. Photo by Fang Kun

This Mid-Autumn Festival, athletes from all over the world were not able to reunite with their families. They put their sweat on the Asian Games arena, doing their best and enjoying the competition.

"The Mid-Autumn Festival theme event of 'Moon Reflecting Asia, Reuniting Asian Games Village' is held in response to the call of the national 'Asian Games for All' and to show foreign friends from Asian countries who come from afar as our hospitality as hosts." The manager of the Ilia Yuncun Dairy Experience Store said that he hoped that through this activity, athletes from all over the world could experience the warmth of home.

On the night of the full moon, the long-standing Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the much-anticipated Asian Games extravaganza. Athletes from all over Asia sat around chatting and took out their mobile phones to take photos of mooncakes and rabbit lanterns and send them to their families in distant places.

Athletes of the Macau team of China experience making mooncakes and rabbit lights. Photo by Fang Kun

Its happy atmosphere made Zhang Zichong unfinished. "Everyone is an athlete and it's easy to mingle. It feels really happy to celebrate and reunite together. (End)