The collision protection is what protects the bridge pillars, which hold up the Kvicksund Bridge, from being hit by ships.

The noisiest work is expected to last until the end of October. Traffic is not affected any more than recreational boats can get crowded to pass.

Milos Veselinović usually fishes near the Kvicksund Bridge. Despite poor catch, he understands that the work is noisy.

"They have to work. So I'm not bothered by it," he says.

Measures sound levels

The loud noises and noise are caused by the Swedish Transport Administration vibrating and knocking down 35-metre-long pipes in the seabed on which the collision protection devices are to stand.

"We have set up noise and vibration meters at several nearby locations to be able to measure the noise levels," says construction manager Johan Rundgren.

Watch the video to learn what your work sounds like.