American electric car maker Tesla has been sued by authorities for condoning widespread racial discrimination against black employees at a factory in western California.

This was announced on the 28th by the EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an independent agency for the prevention of employment discrimination belonging to the US government.

It said Tesla tolerated widespread racial discrimination against black employees at its Fremont plant in western California
, fired some of its
employees who protested against discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit in court alleging that retaliation, such as reassignment, violated the Civil Rights Act.

The committee's investigation found that racism had been practiced since at least 2015, with slurry being used openly in busy areas, and graffiti on desks, toilets, elevators, and even new car production lines.

The committee is seeking compensation and preventative measures to be taken against affected employees.

Last year, authorities in California filed a lawsuit against Tesla's factory, including racial discrimination.