It was on Thursday morning that Fullerö, just north of Uppsala, was shaken by a powerful explosion.

24-year-old Soha Saad was a newly graduated teacher and died in the blast. She must have been a neighbor with no gang connection and not the intended target.

The family gathered on Friday to process the grief.

"She was a happy and helpful girl looking for a job and now she's no longer around," says a close family friend, who did not want to be named and pictured.

He goes on to say that Soha Saad took care of her family and was on top of everything.

– A very helpful person who always made sure to help the mother and siblings, he continues.


The family fled a war-torn area. In that country, a family member was killed when a rocket landed at their house.

"I'm. We just want to live peacefully and this is what happens," says the family friend.

The family stays together

There are many in the family who now get in touch and come to support the next of kin.

"We stick together as much as we can," says the family friend.

Two men have been detained on probable cause on suspicion of murder and aggravated public destruction after the blast.

The family has approved that SVT publishes the name and picture of Soha Saad.