Óscar Puente's reply to Feijóo in the investiture debate fits with Pedro Sánchez's character. But, much as it displeases, it is part of the parliamentary game. If this attitude deserves the columnist use of macarra, there must be an open bar to apply the equivalent term to the ladies and gentlemen.

Feijóo, after Puente, should not have risen from his seat. It would have been the right slap in the face to the advantageous scrap in front of him. Although he was skillful in replies, his speech was correct but anodyne, and in no case what it should have been. It did not help the unbearable sound of applause, evidence of the absolute discredit of the parliamentary word.

Speaking of words, and although he will not be able to ask for copyright, he took advantage of the fact that Sánchez soiled the phrase "free and equal" to remember that noble company that was founded to mobilize Spaniards against the Process.

He was not surprised that the journalism career has fewer and fewer students. This profession has become precarious at nineteenth-century levels after having lost the monopoly of public conversation. With the paradox that journalism continues to provide the topics of that conversation without charging the companies that manage it so fruitfully.

Otherwise, his word became irritated and violent when he addressed the involvement of foreigners in the crime of a couple.

And so it was that Espada yiró.


- Rafael Cansinos-Assens, The novel of a writer.