"We were surprised, we thought the Socialists were going to vote against it to support their party." This Thursday went ahead by simple majority the motion against the amnesty - proposed by the PP in all the municipalities of the region - in Soto del Real. This was approved in all the Consistories where the popular bench governs, but the case of Soto was an exception: here not only runs the PSOE by absolute majority, it is also the municipality of the secretary general of the PSOE in the Assembly of Madrid, Juan Lobato, where he even came to serve as councilor.

Of the 13 councilors in this municipality, the five of the PP and the mayor of Vox voted in favor of the motion. For its part, among the seven socialist councilors there was one vote against and six abstentions, including here that of the current mayor, "appointed by Lobato himself", as popular sources point out.

The first deputy mayor in Soto, Sara Gutiérrez (PSOE), explained in plenary that her party will continue "the dynamic we have had in previous mandates of not entering to debate any motion that has no direct relationship with Soto and municipal competences." He added: "This is not the place where issues that do not fall within the purview of this institution should be discussed. In this case, it must be debated in the Cortes Generales or the Senate, and we dedicate ourselves to the issues that are Soto's competence and of which we have the capacity for action and management."

All this allegation occurred after the spokesperson of the PP in the town, Silvia Gallego, read in full the motion "so that everyone knew well what was being voted." In his speech he delved into issues such as that "an amnesty violates some of the basic principles of the rule of law such as the exclusivity of the judiciary to judge and enforce what has been judged", and encouraged "the two majority parties to seek agreements that prevent Spanish society from being subjected to blackmail by the independentistas".

After the initial surprise by the six abstentions, the cabals began. Sources of the PP predict to this newspaper that they may be trying to "project an image to the neighbors so that they do not consider them so sanchistas". And they reject, in Gallego's mouth, that the amnesty does not affect Soto del Real.

"Sotorrealeños are also Spanish. This affects us all. Every time a motion that affects the national level is proposed, they hide behind having no municipal interest. But everything that concerns us at the national level influences us equally. As a jurist I do not understand that you can forgive the penalty and the crime to a person, it is an attack on the rule of law ... All Spaniards are equal, but with this amnesty this principle would be broken, "slips the popular spokeswoman, adding: "The Spaniards, last Sunday, made public their will and demonstrated against this amnesty law proposal. We cannot accept blackmail and surrender the rule of law at any price. We are totally against it."

Juan Lobato himself defended yesterday that his party will not move "not a millimeter" from the Constitution before the requests of Junts and ERC to invest Pedro Sánchez as president, and warned that the Magna Carta "does not allow in any way a referendum, unless all Spaniards vote for it. "

"It must be said clearly, that we are not going to move one millimeter from the Constitution. On the question of the referendum. Listen, it is that the Constitution does not allow it in any way, unless the referendum all Spaniards voted, "said the leader of the PSOE-M during an interview on the Public Mirror program.