Beijing, September 9 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The reporter learned from the China Science and Technology Museum that the launching ceremony of the national mobile science popularization facilities joint action of "practicing the 27th National Congress and enjoying the future healthily" hosted by the museum was held in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province on the 26th.

The launching ceremony of the joint action of "Practicing the 20th Congress, Healthy and Enjoying the Future" National Mobile Science Popularization Facilities. Photo courtesy of China Science and Technology Museum

Yin Hao pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the development of China's science popularization has ushered in a rare period of development opportunities, and this joint action is to implement the specific requirements of "promoting the construction of a healthy China" in the report of the 20th National Congress. He stressed that science and technology associations at all levels should take the spirit of the 20th National Congress as a guide, take this joint action as an opportunity, strengthen their mission responsibility, organize all relevant units in various localities to make good use of the resources of the joint action theme, and combine the actual and characteristic work to enrich the content and form of activities, promote the extensive, sustained and in-depth development of joint action, and create a good social atmosphere of stressing, loving, learning and using science in the whole society.

According to the China Science and Technology Museum, the joint action of "Practicing the 20th Congress, Healthy and Enjoying the Future" national mobile science popularization facilities takes improving people's health as the core goal, and promotes the concept of prevention first, advocates a healthy and civilized lifestyle, enhances the awareness and literacy of disease prevention and control, creates a green and safe healthy environment, and helps the coordinated development of health and economic undertakings.

In terms of form and mechanism, the joint action takes mobile science and technology museums and popular science caravans in various places as the main carriers, gives full play to the advantages of wide coverage and grassroots coverage of mobile science popularization facilities, and comprehensively adopts various methods such as "declaring physical resources, independently downloading digital resources, comprehensive supporting popular science resources, and self-developing popular science activities" to carry out nationwide.

At the launching ceremony, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum, Heilongjiang Science Popularization Business Center and 13 municipal (prefecture) mobile science popularization facilities were awarded the flag of joint action, and activities such as science performances, robot performances and health science popularization carnivals were also launched on site.

It is understood that the joint action of "Practicing the 200th Congress, Healthy and Enjoying the Future" has received a positive response from mobile science and technology museums and science popularization caravan project implementation units in various places, and its online digital resources have recently been launched on the "National Mobile Science Popularization Facilities Service Platform", and the joint action theme entity resources have covered <> grassroots mobile science popularization facilities across the country. (End)