Kunming, September 9 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) On the 26th, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 26th "Colorful Yunnan Meet in Taiwan" theme day and the 5 Yuntai Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party were held in Kunming. Compatriots from Yuntai and Yuntai gathered together to celebrate the festival and reunite together.

The picture shows the scene of the event. Photo courtesy of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee

The event was jointly sponsored by the Taiwan Work Office of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Yunnan Province, the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League and the Yunnan Provincial Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, and more than 150 people were invited to participate in the event.

Shi Yugang, deputy secretary of the Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee, extended holiday greetings to Taiwan compatriots. He said that in the past 11 years, the personnel exchanges between Yuntai and the two places have become increasingly close, economic and trade cooperation has become increasingly close, and cultural exchanges have been deepened. Yunnan sincerely welcomes Taiwan compatriots to come to Yunnan to invest in business, live and study in Yunnan. Yunnan will create a first-class environment and provide first-class services, so that Taiwan enterprises in Yunnan can develop well, Taiwan compatriots can live well, and Taiwan students can study well, and jointly pursue dreams, build dreams, and realize dreams.

"Compatriots on both sides of the strait are descendants of Yanhuang and descendants of dragons, speaking the same words, writing the same words, and living the same festivals." Long Mingbiao, executive vice president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, said that the fact that so many Taiwan friends participated in the theme day fully demonstrated that the Chinese cultural genes deeply rooted in Taiwan society cannot be removed and erased by anyone and any force. I hope that everyone will jointly undertake the mission of inheriting and promoting Chinese culture, and be the guardian, disseminator and inheritor of Chinese culture.

The picture shows the scene of the event. Photo courtesy of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee

Lin Zhongsen, chairman of the Taiwan Chinese National Development Foundation and former chairman of the Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation, said that being able to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival in the mainland and Yunnan this time made him deeply feel that Chinese culture is the root vein and belonging of the hearts of compatriots on both sides of the strait. It is hoped that more Taiwan compatriots will see the development of the motherland, and that more and more Taiwan compatriots will experience "a life called Yunnan."

Returning to Yunnan made Li Shunfa, chairman of the Yunnan Hometown Association in Taipei City, particularly happy. He called on Taiwan's Yunnan villagers to return to the mainland to take a look, seize the development opportunities of their hometowns, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. "Both sides of the strait belong to the same family. I believe that only by sharing can we achieve common good, and only by sharing can we realize common dreams. Lai Shun Huat said.

Qin Pengzheng, president of the Kunming Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association, introduced that in recent years, Yunnan Province has continuously created an investment environment for safe business, stable business and rich businessmen, creating a good business environment for the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises, and attracting more and more outstanding Taiwan-funded enterprises to pay attention to Yunnan and invest in Yunnan. Many Taiwan businessmen developing in Yunnan have made remarkable achievements in tea, flowers, coffee, agricultural product processing, cultural tourism, biotechnology and other fields by relying on Taiwan's excellent technical and management experience in modern agriculture, service industry and other industries, combined with Yunnan's rich natural resource advantages. (End)