The M-501 road between Navas del Rey and Pelayos de la Presa has been cut to traffic at kilometer 44,500, according to the DGT, after cracks were detected in the pipe of a bridge of the road as a result of the latest floods that would have caused the collapse of a section of the road. The incident happened after the crossing of Robledo de Chavela.

Engineers and firefighters from the Community of Madrid are propping up the crack caused by the amount of accumulated water. Drivers who travel through the area are being diverted by the M-855 in the direction of entry to Madrid and the M-512 in Cebreros in the direction of exit.

The neighboring municipality of San Martín de Valdeiglesias has temporarily authorized the passage of buses through the urban area, from the Carretera de Ávila to the Avenida de Madrid, to speed up traffic.

According to the mayor of Navas del Rey, Jaime Peral, the General Directorate of Roads was reviewing the infrastructure of the area after the passage of the DANA, within the maintenance work, and detected on Tuesday afternoon that the three-meter diameter tube that passes under the road at the height of the Valdezate stream had yielded. a tributary of the Alberche River. "The work can be delayed five days quietly," said the mayor.

In addition to this road, there are three other roads in Aldea del Fresno that also remain cut after the passage of the Dana through this municipality.

  • Community of Madrid
  • DGT