"The municipality has to put a lot of money into Kreativum, and this is not sustainable in the long run," says municipal commissioner Magnus Gärdebring (M).

Kreativum's founder Peter Enckell is worried about the consequences of a sale for the business.

"I think it's sad news. But if it is still to be sold, my suggestion is that Region Blekinge buys, so that all of Blekinge's children from Brömsebro to Valje can come to Kreativum," he says.

Kreativum's founder Peter Enckell reacts to the planned sale. Photo: SVT

The opposition in Karlshamn is on the same line.

"Getting more investors in Kreativum is important, but we prefer that it is Region Blekinge that steps in and sees it as a regional matter," says opposition councillor Per-Ola Mattsson (S).

Opposition councillor Per-Ola Mattsson (S) also reacts to the planned sale. Photo: SVT

However, the municipal management does not want to lock itself into Region Blekinge as a buyer.

"We know that Region Blekinge is struggling too. So we need to broaden our scope and see if we can find other solutions than we have today," says Magnus Gärdebring (M).

A sale of Kreativum is part of next year's budget proposal, which will be hammered out at the City Council on October 2.

Watch the video to meet the opponents in the conflict over Kreativum's sale.