The incident occurred in April this year when the 18-year-old was on introduction for the summer job at a nursing home in Oskarshamn. A supervisor would show him the routines for showering in an elderly woman. During the moment, the 18-year-old receives a Snapchat from an acquaintance who asks what he is doing, and then he responds by sending a video of the in the shower. The supervisor does not see this as the event is filmed surreptitiously.

The woman who received the video on Snapchat decided to call the nursing home and tell her what the 18-year-old had done. He then became very angry with the young woman and threatened her.

Now the 18-year-old has been convicted of offensive photography and must pay damages to the plaintiff and pay a daily fine. He confesses to the crime and says in interrogation that he quickly understood that what he had done was wrong.

The management at the nursing home has, according to the ruling, decided that employees are no longer allowed to wear private mobiles during work.