Russia accuses Ukraine of receiving help from London and Washington to strike Crimea

The Ukrainian strike of Friday, September 22 on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea fleet in Crimea was "implemented at the request of the American and British intelligence services" and coordinated with them, accused this Wednesday, September 27, the Russian diplomacy.

For Russia, the Ukrainian strike against Crimea was implemented at the request of the US and British intelligence services. via REUTERS - SPUTNIK

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There is not the slightest doubt that the attack was planned in advance with the use of Western intelligence assets, NATO satellite equipment, reconnaissance aircraft," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. It was "implemented at the request of the US and British intelligence services and in close coordination with them," she added at her weekly press conference.

Crimea, a Ukrainian region annexed by Moscow in 2014, is at the heart of Russia's military apparatus in its offensive against Ukraine, both to supply the troops occupying southern Ukraine and to carry out strikes.

Kiev, in the midst of a counter-offensive, is trying to bring the fight to this peninsula where it has multiplied missile and drone attacks in recent weeks. London and Washington have not yet reacted to the accusations of Russian diplomacy.

Difficult identification of victims

Ukraine claimed to have killed in Friday's attack about thirty officers, including the commander of the Black Sea fleet, Viktor Sokolov. But the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday released footage showing the official participating in a video conference.

In the aftermath, Ukrainian special operations forces announced that they were "clarifying" their information, noting that the identification of victims was difficult.

On Wednesday, the Zvezda TV channel, the official media of the Russian army, broadcast on Telegram a short undated video interview purporting to show Commander Viktor Sokolov, in which he touts the successes of his troops. AFP could not verify the veracity or date of these images.

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