Moscow on Wednesday accused both London and Washington of helping their ally Kiev bomb the headquarters of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea in Crimea days ago.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: "We have no doubt that the attack was planned in advance using Western intelligence means, NATO satellite equipment and reconnaissance aircraft."

It said the strike was carried out "in close coordination with the US and British intelligence services".

London and Washington have yet to respond to the Russian accusations.

It is not the first time that Russia has accused Ukraine's Western allies of helping to launch attacks on its forces and territory, despite the other side's continued denials, while acknowledging financial and military support to Kiev during the ongoing war with Moscow since February 2022.

Ukraine said it had bombed the Russian navy headquarters in Sevastopol on Friday in the strategic Crimea peninsula, causing a major fire.

Russia said on the day of the attack that only one soldier was missing, while Kiev said the strike killed 34 officers, including fleet commander Viktor Sokolov.

However, Sokolov appeared in an undated video broadcast on the Russian Defense Ministry's Zvezda Telegram television channel on Tuesday, in which he said the Black Sea Fleet was "carrying out the tasks set by the command."

The authenticity or date of the footage could not be independently confirmed.