The study, which was prepared by the media monitoring service Meltwater, indicates that in the 90 days that have passed since the disappearance of the "state-funded media" label on website X, the activity of English-language accounts of Russian, Chinese and Iranian media has increased by 70% compared to the previous 90 days.

The strongest increase in user activity was observed on the account of the Russian TV channel RT. After the disappearance of the marking, user activity on the channel's account almost doubled: from 1.3 million to 2.5 million likes and retweets.

Newsguard also recalls that on April 21, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan "heartily" thanked Elon Musk for the reform, noting that now it "can even be found in the search."

At the same time, the article notes that the same indicator of the Russian news agency TASS increased by 63%, the Iranian PressTV - by 97%, and the Chinese Global Times - by 26%.

It is clarified that the activity rate of media users increased even though the number of publications remained almost at the same level as in the previous 90 days.

Earlier, the EC announced the search for ways to prevent the work of RT in Germany.