"(Mrs. Clinton. - RT) is known to us for its attempts to turn everything upside down and replace concepts, "Peskov said.

He suggested recalling how an American politician presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a button with the word "overload", and not with the planned word "reset".

"It is clear that it was probably not a deliberate mistake, although it is very telling in itself. As for the sequence of actions of President Putin, then, probably, it is necessary to remind Mrs. Clinton of the numerous waves of NATO expansion and the approach of the military infrastructure of the alliance to our borders, "he said.

Peskov stressed that after that there were persistent proposals from the Russian leader to the West to discuss this situation, but the West only announced a decisive refusal to discuss this topic.

"And here it becomes quite clear what caused the special military operation, which is being carried out and continues," he added.

Earlier, Clinton, speaking at the State Department, addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, speaking about NATO expansion. She said that NATO expansion is allegedly a consequence of Russian policy