Gauthier Delomez 13:03 pm, September 27, 2023

A new alcohol prevention campaign carried out by the Ministry of Health is far from unanimous. In the program "Pascal Praud et vous", every day from 11 am to 13 pm on Europe 1, two listeners share their skepticism. Listen to the excerpt again. You can react at

"Drinking water if you consume alcohol is the basis," reads a new prevention campaign against the harms of alcohol, carried out by the Ministry of Health. Several clips are currently circulating in the media, and are available on the ministry's YouTube channel.

But the vocabulary used is far from convincing the listeners of the show Pascal Praud and you. Vincent, 25, believes that this awareness campaign is "completely off the mark! (laughs)". Alain, meanwhile, a former alcoholic, regrets that it is not hard enough. "We must shock people, if we do not really shock them, nothing will work," says the listener at the microphone of Pascal Praud.

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