During this week, some of the primary school students in Älvdalen have their first lesson in Älvdalska, others have their second lesson. It is only now that lessons in Älvdalska are offered to students of all ages. Previously, only secondary school students had that opportunity. The interest has been much greater than expected. 170 students have registered, which is more than 30 percent of the compulsory school students in Älvdalen.

Sensational interest

"There is a sensational amount of interest and sensational figures," says Ing-Marie Bergman, Älvdalian coordinator.

Teachers in the municipality have been trained in collaboration with Kristianstad University in the inheritance fund-funded project Wilum og Bellum. Now they are ready to teach the children in Älvdalska one lesson a week.

"One of the teachers asked the younger children why they wanted to learn Elfdalian and they replied that they wanted to be able to talk to their grandmother and grandfather, for example. For some older children, it's more about it being part of their identity or it's just fun to learn a language that other Swedes don't understand," says Ing-Marie Bergman.

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Watch the clip from 2022 where the river valley students made a music video in älvdalska. Photo: Project Wilum og Bellum