Aziz al-Turi, a member of the local committee for the defense of the village of al-Araqib, said that the Israeli occupation authorities demolished its homes located in the southern Negev region for the 222nd time.

This is the second time the authorities have demolished the village in September, with the village's wood, plastic and tin houses last demolished on 11 September, after first demolishing them in July 2010.

According to the correspondent of the Anadolu Agency, about 22 families live in the houses of Al-Araqib, and each time the residents rebuild the village after its demolition.

The Israeli government does not recognize al-Araqib, but its residents insist on staying there despite repeated demolitions.

In an earlier report, the organization Zekrat, which includes Israeli activists (Jews and Arabs) and chronicles the Palestinian Nakba in 1948, said that al-Araqib was first established during the Ottoman rule on land purchased by residents.

The organization stated that Israel is working to expel the villagers, with the aim of controlling their land, noting that Israel does not recognize dozens of other villages in the Negev region, and refuses to provide any services to them.