On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind, on September 27, the Information Office of the State Council of China issued the white paper "Working Together to Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind: China's Initiatives and Actions" (hereinafter referred to as the white paper), which once again comprehensively explained this important concept at home and abroad. As soon as the white paper was released, the media in various countries paid attention to it, saying that the white paper "painted a new blueprint for a better world".

Answer the questions of the times and draw a vision for the future

Pakistan Today believes that the timing of the white paper is very important. Today's world is in the midst of major and profound changes unprecedented in a century, and the international community has been calling for solutions. China today is much stronger than it was ten years ago, and as a responsible power, China should contribute its wisdom and actions to meet the needs of this era.

Uzbekistan's People's Speech Daily quoted a white paper as saying that the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind illuminates the way forward for a world that is hesitating and seeking, and contributes to China's plan for the people of all countries to work together to protect their homeland and share prosperity.

Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao noted that the white paper pointed out that everything China does is for its own people to live a happier life and provide development opportunities for the people of the world, not to replace or defeat anyone. Rossiya also pointed out that the white paper calls for building a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, inclusiveness, cleanliness and beauty.

Ma Novon and PR Newswire pointed out that over the past decade, the building of a community with a shared future for mankind has achieved fruitful results, and its international consensus has been expanding day by day, which has been written into the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly for six consecutive years and incorporated into the resolutions or declarations of a number of multilateral mechanisms.

Promote common development and contribute unique strength

Singapore's Straits Times focused on topics related to the Belt and Road Initiative, noting that the white paper pointed out that China will continue to promote the green development of the "Belt and Road" projects, "whether it is green development, the joint construction of the country is the clearest, the local people have the most right to speak, facts are always more convincing than words." ”

PR Newswire noted that in the 10 years since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed, China has adhered to the concept of openness, green and integrity, promoted sustainable development and improved people's lives. Under the "Belt and Road" initiative, China's fungus technology, road and bridge wells, hybrid rice and other projects have been solidly promoted, and the sense of gain and happiness of the people of the jointly built country has been continuously enhanced.

According to the World Bank's Belt and Road Economics report, the full implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative will increase trade between participating countries by 4.1%. By 2030, the Belt and Road Initiative will generate $1.6 trillion in annual global revenue.

Practice multilateralism and provide opportunities for the world

In reporting the content of the white paper, TASS pointed out that China will not impose its values on the world. The Chinese side pointed out that China insists that there is no distinction between superior and inferior civilization, opposes the clamor of the so-called "democracy and authoritarianism" dichotomy, and opposes the imposition of its own values and models on others.

Turkey's Anadolu News Agency noted that China believes that globalization is not a choice, but a reality, and even a way of life. China opposes decoupling and chain breakage, "small courtyards and high walls", resists protectionism and unilateral sanctions, and promotes the construction of a fair, reasonable and transparent system of international economic and trade rules.

Pakistan's "Tribune Express" also pointed out that China is committed to embedding its own development in the common development of all countries, and constantly providing new opportunities for the world with its own new development.

The keen attention paid by the media of many countries to China's initiative reflects the strong attraction of the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. At a time when the world economy is sluggish, contradictions and conflicts are rising, and the trend of anti-globalization is rising, China advocates and practices working together to build a community with a shared future for mankind, opens up new ideas for improving global governance, draws a new blueprint for the future of the world, and injects strong confidence into the realization of the beautiful vision of common development, stability and prosperity. (End)