According to the municipality, the fees must have no legal basis, and the reason is that a formal decision on the amount of the fees has been made in the municipal council.

– We do not know how much this is about and cannot say how many parking fees we have distributed, says Christian Bagar, municipal secretary in Gnosjö.

The municipality has consulted with lawyers and concluded that those who have received a parking fine on municipal land after 1 January 2019, can get their money back.

Need to show p-bot

The person who has received a fine must prove it by showing where they have received the fine and what amount it is.

"We find it very difficult to assess how many people will demand a refund, you don't know how many have saved the small bot note," he says.

The mistake that there has not been a formal decision on the amount of the fees will be rectified at the upcoming council meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 28 September.