In connection with Helsingborg Pride earlier this summer, several people reported that they had been subjected to harassment on their way to the Pride procession.

– It is an acknowledgement that we are not doing enough, we have zero tolerance for this, says Lars Thunberg (KD), municipal commissioner and chairman of the committee for quality of life.

Several of the city's politicians reacted strongly to the testimonies and at last month's municipal council, the Left Party's Jenny Björklund Hansson asked the ruling Treklövern an interpellation, a form of question, about the incident.

"You need the conditions to be able to work with these issues. It is not possible to cut back on school and leisure time because then it is very difficult to work with these issues, she says.

"We invest every penny"

The governing Treklövern, for its part, believes that the work for everyone's equal value already permeates all parts of the municipality's administrations. But they are still open to changing their work.

"We have very good conditions and political decisions that allow us to work with this. Every penny in the budget, all nine billion, will be used to achieve our vision," says Lars Thunberg.

Next week, the city's politicians will meet with several actors, including various LGBTQI associations, to jointly develop an action plan to minimize the risk of the summer's events being repeated.

"We work with, among other things, educational initiatives in the administrations, teacher meetings and social services. Now we will also follow up our plan for equal opportunities, says Lars Thunberg.

"It's a shame that it's coming now and not ten years ago. Now we hope that something concrete will come out of this, says Jenny Björklund Hansson.

RFSL Helsingborg is one of the associations that the politicians have invited to talks. Hear their views on the situation in the clip below.

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People harassed pride participants with, among other things, taunts in connection with the pride train in Helsingborg this summer. Listen to Agnes Haraldsson from RFSL talk about how they view the situation for LGBTQI people in the clip above. Photo: Simon Melin/SVT