There is euphoria in the PP. The 'popular' believe that the investiture session, although sterile and will culminate in a rejection of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has served to consolidate the "alternative" to Pedro Sánchez and to "sow" a "social leadership" with a view to the next general elections. With that optimistic spirit, Cuca Gamarra, parliamentary spokesman of the 'popular', has risen to the rostrum of Congress.

After these two days of debate, said Gamarra, "Spaniards will know that there is an alternative to the cowardice of those who do not even dare to debate." "Mr. Sánchez has managed to make his silence betray him, because he does not dare to face this House to recognize that what he is willing to do is sell Spain in order to achieve a single and exclusive personal interest," added the 'number two' of the PP.

Feijóo has influenced in his final argument in the same idea: "He has preferred to escape so as not to tell the truth" about the amnesty. For Gamarra, that is the key to the investiture: the deliberate omission of the debate on the amnesty of the crimes of the 'procés'. "If the amnesty was good, why hasn't he carried it in his electoral program? If it was convenient, why hasn't he told the Spaniards? Why does he remain silent?" the spokeswoman said.

For Gamarra, the mere possibility of amnesty would be the first step towards "a constitutional mutation" in which one would move from an autonomous state to a plurinational one. "And that would mean that you are hijacking the will of the nation, because Spain is an autonomous state, not a federal one," emphasized the Rioja deputy.

"In this Parliament there is no progressive majority, what there is is a secessionist minority" that is dragging, in his opinion, the PSOE to "put the rule of law in parentheses, because that is what they are doing." "Your partners want you because of your weakness, and at the moment you are even weaker," Gamarra told Sánchez, who returned to his seat during the speech of the 'popular' spokeswoman.

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