So, Voropaev recalled that the remote sale of cars in Russia started some time ago, when South Korean brands began to sell their cars directly via the Internet.

"This service has been quite successful. This trend can be explained: when a car is sold through a dealer, the buyer may be faced with the imposition of services and additional equipment at cosmic prices, which he actually cannot refuse. After all, dealers mainly make money on the sale of additional equipment and maintenance. So buying a car via the Internet, the client can significantly save on the purchase of goods, this is a big plus, "said the interlocutor of RT.

At the same time, when purchasing a car on an online platform, you may encounter some unusual nuances. For example, in such a situation, a potential buyer will not have the opportunity to sit in the car, examine it in detail, the expert noted.

"In addition, when a customer is supplied with a product that has flaws, for example, chips, scratches, etc., problems may arise in terms of returning the purchase. There may be difficulties with proving that the deficiencies arose before the transfer of the car to the buyer, and not after. Although, according to the law, no such problems should arise ... The Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" protects the rights of the buyer very well. The main thing here is to know your rights and use them," the auto lawyer added.

According to Voropaev, if the conditions for buying a car via the Internet are favorable, and its cost will not increase due to additional services, then this type of sales may well be successful in the future.

Earlier, the newspaper "Vedomosti" reported that the online retailer Ozon launched the sale of cars. So far, this service is available only in Moscow and the Moscow region.

As specified, cars of the Chinese brand Chery are currently available on the site.