The national preparedness week is taking place around Sweden and for Arjeplog municipality with only 2,644 inhabitants, it is a challenge to get enough people to come and eat.

– We have turned to all businesses and used all the forums we can with the call; "Help us – come and eat". In the event of a crisis, we may need to receive many people from other municipalities and then we must be prepared for that, says Martin Stråmo.

The residents of Arjeplog are served soup, bread, coffee and other drinks.

"We cook without access to electricity and with limited water resources.

The purpose is also to strengthen the Arjeplog residents' awareness of crisis preparedness and their own responsibility, so the hope is that many people think about taking with them:

  • a container/bowl for food (for one meal)
  • a container for beverages;
  • a soup spoon
  • a coffee cup
  • a carrying bag

"Crisis preparedness applies to all of us. Here in Arjeplog, we have of course done exercises before, but never served so much food to so many, says Martin Stråmo.

Pelle Stråmo liked the preparedness food served in Arjeplog on Wednesday. Photo: Martin Stråmo/Arjpelog municipality