Xiamen, September 9 (Peng Lifang) On the morning of September 26, 26 villagers from Kinmen went to the Huli District Administrative Service Center in Xiamen City to apply for Taiwan residents' residence permits.

In order to facilitate the life of Taiwan compatriots in Fujian, the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Fujian in Exploring New Paths for Cross-Strait Integrated Development and Building a Cross-Strait Integrated Development Demonstration Zone" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") publicly released a few days ago clearly stipulates that the temporary residence registration of Taiwan compatriots in Fujian will be abolished, Taiwan compatriots will settle in Fujian to realize their "wishes and wishes," expand the scope of application of Taiwan residents' residence permit identity verification, and strive to make Taiwan residents' residence permits and mainland resident identity cards equally convenient for the social application of Taiwan residents' residence permits.

Fang Xuming, director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office of the Huli District CPC Committee, said that this is the first time since the public release of the "Opinions" that Huli District of Xiamen City has centrally applied for Taiwan residents' residence permits for Taiwan compatriots on a large scale.

Kinmen compatriots who are applying for residence permits for Taiwan compatriots. Photo by Peng Lifang

On the same day, the Huli District Administrative Service Center opened a special window service for Kinmen compatriots who came from afar. The reporter noticed that it only took a few minutes to collect portraits, fill out forms, and apply for certificates on the spot, and in more than an hour, all 46 Kinmen villagers completed the residence permit application procedures.

"The certificate was processed quickly and the staff was very kind." Luo Jianlin, a fellow villager in Kinmen, gave a thumbs up on the spot. Three years into Xiamen, after arriving at Wutong Ferry Terminal on the same day by taking the "mini three links", Luo Jianlin found that Xiamen's development was "better and better". He revealed, "After getting the certificate, I first want a 'one-day trip' in Kinmen Xiamen."

Luo Jianlin pays close attention to the news of the mainland on weekdays, and the newly released "Opinions" put forward a series of specific policies to support the integrated development of Xiamen and Kinmen and build a "living circle in the same city" in Xiamen and Jinmen in terms of promoting the integrated development of Fujian, which makes him look forward to it.

Luo Jianlin said that this time to apply for the certificate is not only for the convenience of moving around Jinxia, but also looks forward to the realization of the "Jinxia one-day living circle" in the future, and truly enjoy the same treatment as mainland residents.

Zhang Junyu, a compatriot in Kinmen carrying a large bag and a small bag, was very eye-catching in the crowd that day, and this time she came to Xiamen to coincide with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and she prepared special products and gifts from Kinmen to give to her friends in Xiamen. After completing the procedures, she was very excited, "It will be more convenient to travel, live and see friends in Xiamen in the future."

Lu Wu Jinling has been married to Kinmen for many years, and this time she came to Xiamen to apply for a Taiwan resident residence permit made her quite emotional, "like going back to her mother's house and getting an ID card again." She plans to take her relatives and friends from Taiwan back to the mainland for sightseeing and walking in the future.

Since the mainland promulgated the Measures for the Application and Issuance of Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents in 2018, the upsurge of applications for Taiwan compatriots has not abated. According to Liu Minling, head of the government service special class of the Huli Public Security Sub-Bureau, the Huli District Service Center often mobilizes resources and manpower to carry out special handling meetings to benefit Taiwan compatriots according to actual handling needs.

Dai Hong, chairman of the Kinmen County New Women's Rights Association, was the initiator of the Kinmen compatriots who went to Xiamen to apply for certificates that day. After the public release of the "Opinions", she saw that everyone's willingness to apply for certificates was very strong in the association's exchange group, so she contacted the Huli District Taiwan Affairs Office and the Huli District Service Center to facilitate this "group".

"What we people want is stable development and improvement of people's livelihood." Over the years, Dai Hong has lived and worked in Xiamen and Jinxia, and has deeply realized how important it is for the two sides of the strait to have harmonious interaction and mutual communication, and that Xiamen and Kinmen share the same origin, and she looks forward to the realization of the "Jinxia one-day living circle" to bring convenience to compatriots on both sides of the strait such as study, medical treatment, and sightseeing.

Fang Xuming revealed that up to now, more than 3,000 Taiwan compatriots have applied for residence permits for Taiwan residents in Huli District, of which 40% are Kinmen compatriots. After the issuance of the "Opinions", more and more Taiwan compatriots have contacted Taiwan compatriots to apply for residence permits, showing a trend of large-scale processing compared with the past. (End)